Veterans 1st

Welcome Patriots. I am honored to share our freedom with all of you. Veterans 1st was created and founded right here in the beautiful state of Oregon. What started as a handful of fiery Patriotic bikers has now become an amazing movement of Honor for our Heroes, our Veterans. From all walks of life, hundreds, soon to be thousands of brave Americans have made a choice to stand up to our over-reaching and self-serving government. United as one, we stand for our Veterans outside the shadow of our capital buildings. For far too long our policymakers have turned their backs on those that have sacrificed so much, so that they can live free and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thousands of our Veterans are in need of our help. With a simple pen stroke our current leaders have done away with the Will of the people and placed special interest group’s desires ahead of their governed body.

The time to stand up is now
The time to act is now
The time to unite is now
We The People have spoken and we say Take Care Of Our Veterans.
Stand with us. Unite with us. Honor our Veterans with us as we show our elected officials that We The People demand they make Veterans 1st. This is a small expression of our appreciation and we wear it proudly.
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