CBD Tinctures

Millions of people around the world are turning to CBD tinctures to aide in a wide variety of problems. Many take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties while others use CBD oil tinctures for better sleep, less anxiety, depression, and the list goes on. While we have experienced positive results ourselves, we can not legally tell you CBD has any medical benefit so we’ll leave that up to you to discover.

With two different options of a carrier oil (MCT oil and Hemp Seed oil) you can decide for yourself which is better for you. MCT oil is simply fractionated coconut oil designed to be more bioavailable, allowing the CBD drops to better absorb within our bodies. Hemp Seed oil has been a long standing staple in the tincture business and will always pair extremely well with anything CBD related. Whatever your preference, you will be receiving the best CBD tincture on the market made right here in the USA for an unbeatable price.

CBD Tincture Dosage: We recommend taking ½ of a dropper (10 drops) in the morning and ½ of a dropper (10 drops) in the evening directly under the tongue to start. Continue this dosage for at least one week. If the desired results are not achieved, add ¼ of a dropper (5 drops) more for a total of ¾ of a dropper (15 drops) per dose. Continue this dosage for at least another week and repeat until the desired result is achieved. If you find yourself taking more then 2 full droppers a day, consider moving up in total concentration (500mg to 1000mg for example). Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your specific CBD tincture dosage. We would love to help you on your journey of health.

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