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If you’re looking for a mineral salt soak to do it all, you’ve found it. Find your Safe Harbor with this elegant and subtle soak. Ease the tension of the day while relaxing your cares away. Pour yourself a glass of wine or whiskey and sink into blissful harmony as you recover from whatever the day brought your way. Surrender yourself and heal, regain control and live your best life.

Safe Harbor Mineral Salt Soak is an all-in-one soak for everyday use. With a unique combination of all-natural ingredients, this soak will alleviate the stress of the day while also reducing your aches and pains completely and naturally. As an added bonus, Safe Harbor will also soften your skin giving you the full spa treatment within your own home. Feel free to add to your spa for a next-level relaxation treat with your significant other whenever you feel like it. Need another soak with a little more kick and still spa safe? Truce Coconut and Honey  is all you need.

Available in scented and unscented (Lavender) created with pure essential oil.

*All our Salt and Mineral Soaks are highly concentrated. Usage is 1/16 of the recommended Epsom salt amount. 


  • Add 2-4 TBS bath or 1 pouch to spa and let Safe Harbor dissolve completely to create a one of a kind experience to be enjoyed daily.
  • Simply add a little more each week with no fear of clogging filters or jets.
  • *Spa Safe
  • *Keep Dry Until Use


Magnesium Sulfate (Mineral Salt), Sodium Borate (Desert Mineral Salt), Maltodextrin (From Corn), Silica (From Earth), Lavender Essential Oil (Scented Only)

*Spa Safe

Proudly USA Made

Proverbs 18:10

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scented, unscented


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